what investing means to me

Investing – what does it actually mean? Well I am going to explain indeed I am actually going to share my opinion as this is all that I can do.

When people say they are an investor there are many “labels” the listener may attach to that person. Or rather one might have a particular thought about what that is, or what it means to you.

I like to keep this really simple, I am an investor and to me, that means that I have, over my whole life, invested in myself in the following ways:

  • education
  • buying my first home
  • renovating it
  • renting it out when I moved on
  • starting my own business
  • buying the office that my business needed
  • renting it out to other businesses
  • speaking to and helping others with their own business ideas
  • fitness and well being
  • travel
  • meeting people
  • new experiences
  • ….then repeating all of the above 🙂

The key here is that investing can mean whatever you want it to. My view is that it means that you are conscious of your own personal progress in life, taking opportunities when they cross your path or simply looking after your own health. All of this can be be included as part of the definition of “investing” my key metric is that I must enjoy what I am doing & be interested in the businesses I get involved in.